Custom Carpentry

Wood is a sacred material. An individual piece can tell a story of infinite depth. Its grain has a voice, its shape has a gesture and its integrity has a soul. There is a history and wisdom inherent within it. When composed with other pieces, like the conversation in a painting, it offers insight into the relationships that shape our thoughts and understanding. It is a reminder that no matter what its form or function there is something insightful inherent within, teaching us to see.

My work is designed to bring attention to the beauty in everyday things by… nope, that’s not it. Somehow carpentry embodies everything I learned as an artist and I don’t know why. I can feel the wood, compose the pieces to compliment each other and elevate their presence to express new ideas and thought relationships. It utilizes my intellect and intuition is a very understandable way which is refreshing and a real honor to be a part of. It is built to bring attention to everyday discoveries and last generations.